A creative boutique PR agency

We offer access to senior advisory and consultancy, with expertise across luxury and corporate sectors to elevate your brand. Think of Mercury as a nimble and agile extension of your team to support with all your communications needs.

The PR magicians
making visions reality

Since 2017, we have been transforming brands and creating solutions that are innovative, exceptional, and unexpected. We deliver experiences, products and services, pursuing originality, and identifying concepts with enduring value. We are intelligent in our approach, underpinning everything we do with data.

Our global reach....

We partner with the best agencies in your target markets across the world and have a wealth of experience taking on the role of Global lead agency. We manage nations and territories across multiple time zones, including Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US, to ensure that campaigns run smoothly and are fully integrated.

At Mercury, we like to ‘think Global’ but ‘act Local’, working closely with markets to develop and deploy toolkits which deliver stand out, meaningful results.

Map of PGRN Locations

A selection of our current
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Our team, expertise across all luxury verticals​

An expert team, which radiates personality and creativity, working across the luxury spectrum to support your business.

Our core values

We are not cookie cutter, we are a team with a rich breadth of different sector experience. We are a cohort of creative and passionate individuals pursuing excellence and impactful results. We aim to be visionary and aren’t afraid of taking risks.



We are cerebral in our approach to luxury lifestyle, underpinning everything with data. We are truth seekers powered by insights helping clients make smarter decisions. Through study, due diligence, objectivity, analysis, and self-reflection, we not only want to understand the world around us, but share that understanding with others.



We do not sit on our laurels, we help clients navigate the ever-changing luxury landscape, and their changing values and needs in areas such as ESG and purpose. We do not merely focus on traditional luxury, instead we are future-casters, and neoteric too, always pursuing the progressive ideas within Web3, AI, and NFTs for example.



We have boundless energy and enthusiasm chasing success for clients as if it was our own, seeing opportunities that others cannot and bringing them to life. If you can dream it, we can achieve it!